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Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Quality DefectsWelding DefectsEquipment BreakdownIncorrect Machine AdjustmentSlow Cycle TimeLow Production
ISO 9001 Quality management certification to increase manufacturing and process quality Quality inspection and insurance activities for all components before, during, and after manufacturing Welding quality checks of each welding seam with Magnaflux technology for each major steal component All welders trained and certified according to KMG‘s engineering and quality standards Constant machine health monitoring and evaluation with Komatsu‘s own vehicle monitoring system KOMTRAXPlus Storage of major consumable parts and components in mine site surrounding, ensuring quick replacement End adjustment and testing of each machine at Komatsu's factory in Düsseldorf prior to delivery Comprehensive on-site support for optimal machine configuration according to customer requirements provided by Komatsu own field service specialists Local technical training to improve skill level of customer’s own on-site service technicians Customized operator training provided by Komatsu’s own mining specialists to increase operator efficiency and performance Komatsu's design philosophy for highest production achievements in relevant classes Special bucket geometry for high bucket fill and smooth face penetration Global partner network and factory support to optimize production


Pass Match Guide


PC 3000

PC 4000

PC 5500

PC 7000

PC 8000

Passes per Truck short tons      
HD 785 100 3 / 4 3    
HD 1500 159 5 / 6 4    
730 E 203   5 4 3/4 
830 E 244     5 43
860 E 280     5 54

930 E

320     6 5/64
960 E 360       5