Diesel Drive (Make)

Tier 1

Tier 2




Output at 1800 rpm






Electric Drive OutputkW900
Main Pumps Delivery (total)ltr/min3 x (2 x 455) = 2,730
Swing Pump(s) Deliveryltr/min800

Front Shovel Bucket Capacity

SAE 2:1 heaped

Crowd Force (ISO)

Break-out Force (ISO)









Backhoe Bucket Capacity

SAE  1:1 heaped

Tear-out Force (ISO)

Break-out Force (ISO)









Operating Weight (Front Shovel)t250

PC3000 Spec Sheet

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System Components

Electric System

System24 V
Batteries (series/parallel)

4 x 12 V

Alternator140 A
Standard working lights12 Xenon lights
Standard service lightsthroughout platform


Track adjustmentAutomatic hydraulic type
Number of shoes46 each side
Number of top rollers3 each side
Number of bottom rollers7 each side

Travel & Brake System

Travel control2 foot pedals
GradeabilityUp to 57%
Travel speed (maximum)2,4 km/h / 1.5 mph
Service brakeHydraulic brake
Parking brakeWet, multiple-disc

Swing System

Hydraulic motors and drives1
Swing brake, serviceHydraulic brake
Swing brake, parkingWet, multiple-disc
Swing speed (maximum)4,6 rpm

Cooling System

The high capacity engine radiator is cooled by a mechanically driven fan for superior cooling efficiency and requires little maintenance. The hydraulic system includes large swing-out vertical air-to-oil hydraulic coolers with temperature-regulated hydraulically driven fans.

Automatic lubrication

Two hydraulically powered Lincoln single line automatic lubrication systems are provided as standard, complete with time and volume variable controls. The central lube grease system is supplied from a refillable 200 litre 53 gal. barrel. A second, identical system supplies open gear lubricant to the swing ring teeth through a lube pinion. Replenishment of the barrels is through the service arm.

Service Capacities

Hydraulic oil tank2.670 ltr705 U.S. gal
Hydraulic system4.400 ltr1,160 U.S. gal
Fuel4.500 ltr1,190 U.S. gal
Engine coolant254 ltr67 U.S. gal
Engine oil190 ltr50 U.S. gal


Diesel Drive

Version 1 – Tier 1 engine:

ModelKomatsu SSA12V159
Type4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
AspirationTurbocharged and aftercooled

Number of cylinders

Rated power (SAE 1995)940 kW / 1,260 HP @ 1800 rpm
GovernorAll-speed, electronic



Version 2 – Tier 2 engine:

Model Komatsu SDA12V159E-2 Tier 2 certificated
Type 4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration Turbocharged and aftercooled

Number of cylinders

Rated power (SAE 1995) 940 kW / 1,260 HP @ 1800 rpm
Governor All-speed, electronic


Optional engine oil management system:

The integrated engine oil and filter system combining the oil stabilising systems, Reserve and Centinel, with Eliminator oil filter extends the oil change interval to 4.000 hours based on oil analysis.

Electric Drive

TypeSquirrel-cage induction motor
Power output900 kW
Voltage6.000 – 7.200 V*
Amperage (approximate)96-80 A
Frequency (standard)50 Hz @ 1500 rpm
Optional frequency60 Hz @ 1800 rpm


*Other voltages available on request



Hydraulic System

The power train consists of one main drive. Diesel engine or electric motor can be supplied. One gearbox drives three identical main pumps which draw hydraulic oil from an unpressurized hydraulic tank. Open circuit hydraulics provide maximum cooling and filtering efficiency.

Main hydraulic pumps3 x 910 ltr/min3 x 240 U.S. gal
Relief valve setting310 bar4,495 psi
Swing flow rate800 ltr/min211 U.S. gal
High pressure in line filters one per pump located at the valve block 200 microns

Full flow return line filters 3 x 10 microns and leakage line filter 3 microns all with monitored 200 microns by pass filters. The three-circuit system features a load-limiting governor with oil delivery summation to the working circuits and incorporates pressure cut-off control. Hydropilot prioritises hydraulic flow giving smooth hydraulic response, simple system layout, and a reduced number of components.

Operator Cab

The large and comfortable cab is mounted on 15 viscous damping pads and sound insulated. The cab has automatic climate control and is pressurised. The operator’s seat is air suspended, electrically heated and has a lap seat belt and offers multiple adjustments. The trainer seat is also equipped with a seat belt. Low-effort hydraulic joystick controls are combined with foot controls for front shovel clam, crawler and swing brake. Full instrumentation, KOMTRAX Plus and an AM/FM radio with MP3 ready CD player is fitted. Two windshield wash wipers are synchronised and have two speed and intermittent operation. Two heated rear view mirrors are externally mounted. External metal sun blinds on the cab side windows and internal roller blinds on all windows are standard. There is a left hand sliding window. All windows are tinted parsol green. A walkway is mounted in front of cabin. (Subject to change without notice.)

Major cab engineering standards are:

  • ISO 3449 Falling Objects Protection Structure
  • ISO 6396 Noise in operator’s cab is 77 dB(A)
  • ISO 2631-1 Whole body vibration and shock below 0,5 m/s²
  • ISO 5349-1 Hand-lever vibration lower 2,5 m/s²
  • ISO 10263-4 Heating and air conditioning / second heater or air conditioner as option



Operator Cab Standard Equipment

  • Enclosed steel cab mounted on viscous pads
  • FOPS structure ISO 3449
  • Air-conditioning unit Sütrak
  • Full suspension operator seat with belt
  • Trainer seat with belt
  • Controls ergonomic
  • KOMTRAX Plus (Monitoring System)
  • Joysticks and controls are hydraulic
  • 2 synchronised windshield wash wipers
  • AM-FM radio with MP3 ready CD player
  • External metal sun blinds on side windows
  • Internal roller blinds on all windows
  • All windows tinted parsol green
  • Walkway in front of cab

Shovel Attachment


Operating Weights (approx.)

PC 3000 Backhoe:
Operating weight including 8.600 mm / 28'3" boom, 4.000 mm / 13'1" stick, 15 m³ / 19.5 yd³ backhoe bucket, operator, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank and standard equipment.

Shoe WidthOperating WeightGround Pressure
800 mm
252 t
555,700 lb
23.2 N/cm2
33.6 psi
1.000 mm
261 t
575,500 lb
19.2 N/cm2
26.5 psi

1.200 mm

261 t
575,500 lb
16.0 N/cm2
23.2 psi


Backhoe Attachment

Boom length8.600 mm28'3"
Stick length4.000 mm13'1"
Break-out force (ISO)890 kN191,000 lb
Tear-out force (ISO)811 kN179,800 lb
Max. digging height14.100 mm46'3"
Max. dumping height9.000 mm29'6"
Max. digging depth7.900 mm25'11"
Max. digging reach16.200 mm53'2"
Max. digging reach at ground level15.600 mm51'2"

Bucket Capacity (Heaped 1:1) SAE Width Teeth Wear Package WeightMax. Material Density (Loose)Recommended
Mining Uses
cumcuyd mmfoot/inchqty*)tlbt/cumlb/cuyd 
12,015.7 3.0459'12"5315,233,5002,23,700Heavy Duty
15,019.5 3,26010'8"5215,634,4001,83,000Standard
16,521.5 3.0459'12"5216,536,4001,62,700General Purpose


*) WP 1 Light abrasive
    WP 2 Medium abrasive
    WP 3 Severe abrasive
Alternative buckets on request

Front Shovel

Operating Weights (approx.)

PC 3000 Front shovel:
Operating weight including 6.000 mm / 19'8" boom, 4.300 mm / 14'1" stick, 16 m³ / 21 yd³ shovel bucket, operator, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank and standard equipment.

Shoe WidthOperating WeightGround Pressure
800 mm
250 t
551,300 lb
22.9 N/cm2
33.2 psi
1.000 mm
258 t
568,900 lb
19.0 N/cm2
27.5 psi

1.200 mm

258 t
568,900 lb
15.8 N/cm2
22.9 psi


Front Shovel Attachment

Boom length6.000 mm19'8"
Stick length4.300 mm14'1"
Break-out force (ISO)1.066 kN225,000 lb
Crowd force (ISO)1.136 kN247,500 lb
Max. cutting height15.100 mm49'6"
Max. dumping height10.200 mm33'6"
Max. digging depth3.300 mm10'10"
Max. digging reach13.300 mm43'8"
Level crowd at ground level4.700 mm15'5"
Bucket opening width 2.330 mm 7'8"

Bucket Capacity (Heaped 1:2) SAEWidth Teeth Wear Package WeightMax. Material Density (Loose)Recommended
Mining Uses
12,015.73.43011'3"5322,349,000 2,44,000Heavy Duty
16,0 21.03.63011'11" 6223,652,0001,83,000Standard


*) WP 1 Light abrasive
    WP 2 Medium abrasive
    WP 3 Severe abrasive
Alternative buckets on request

Vehicle Health Monitoring System

The KOMTRAX Plus monitoring system is designed for Komatsu mining equipment to provide real time and stored information about the operating status of the machine. Fault messages are immediately available to the operator via a digital display and in the event of critical malfunctions the engine is also shut down. The digital storage provides failure summary and analysis, which can be down loaded by laptop computer. This data will assist in predicting or reduction downtime.