Opening Ceremony of Technical Center

On Wednesday, the 20th September 2017, we opened the Technical Center in Düsseldorf.

KGM has invested into a new technology Center that will greatly increase collaboration inside the company and with all partners worldwide, being it customers, suppliers or Komatsu units in other parts of the world.

At the same time we have built a modern landmark which improves the surrounding neighborhood. All customer-facing departments are located in this building, with many meeting rooms for customer engagement provided in the Technology Center. The close proximity of engineering, after-sales and service ensures improved collaboration between the department when solving customer issues and developing new solutions. Open plan offices with informal meeting areas allow for much improved communication inside and between departments.

Guests of honor were for example Komatsu Japan Ltd. President and CEO Tetsuji Ohashi, Minister for Economic Affairs, Innovation, Digitization and Energy Prof. Dr. Andreas Pinkwart, Lord Mayor Düsseldorf Andreas Geisel, Consul General of Japan Ryuta Mizuuchi.