University of Alberta Visit

In May Komatsu Germany welcome two visitors from University of Alberta (Canada): Mr. Yaghini (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta) and Mr. Khodayari (Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta). They visited the headquarters of Komatsu Germany to gain an impression about our business and developments.

Feedback of visitors:

"Visiting Komatsu, Germany, was a remarkable opportunity for us to walk through company’s almost a century of innovation, precision, and perfection that have been deployed in their products, products that have successfully been utilized in earth moving activities ranging from a small construction site to a larger mining project. Being involved with equipment related tasks in mining and construction projects, and having done numerous analysis on equipment selection, performance measurement, maintenance, and reliability both in academia and industry for the past few years, this visit gave us an invaluable insight into the manufacturing side of these products. We also got to know more about detailed necessary steps that must be taken before any equipment is ready to operate.

It was great talking with Jens Klopmeier and Marvin Bistram. Our dynamic discussion on industry’s current challenges and future needs, and company’s future developments and vision toward automation certainly shed light on many of our questions. While needs from industry have always been a strong driven force for new developments, too often the sharing knowledge and experience between academia and industry has been the one who brought the answers and shaped our today’s world. Constructive relationships built upon mutual benefits are always with greater benefits for all parties. Komatsu is playing a key role in Canadian mines, and it is envisioned that closer relationship between University of Alberta as one of leading universities in Canada and Komatsu could open doors to many opportunities in future.

Finally, we would like to thank Jens Klopmeier and Marvin Bistram for their time and help before and during the visit. We also would like to thank Professor John Sammut, who this visit wouldn’t have happened in the first place if it wasn’t because of his effort to facilitate the communications between Komatsu Germany and us."

Ali Yaghini, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta and Firouz Khodayari, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Alberta.


Komatsu Germany GmbH - Mining Division